Memorial Wall and Garden on facility grounds
Gran County Humane Society Animal Shelter


Memorial Wall and Garden

Get Out Of Jail Free!
First Impound Free!


If your animal has been spayed or neutered and is current on Rabies vaccination and License registration. Please claim it in 24 hours so as we can return it to you the first time free. This is if there are no fines or citations pending. Ike Foster of Silver City had both of his animals returned to him for free for being a responsible pet owner.





Outdoor dog runs




108 North Bullard

Hours of Operation:

*Wed-Sat 10 - 2 *

For more information


Mary Cowan 538-2626

Juanita Mann 519-8127


Our Paws’ Cause Thrift Shop at 108 N. Bullard, Silver City needs volunteers on
Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 to 2
Volunteering at the Thrift shop is a team effort-we sort, price donated items,
greet customers and have FUN.
Call Mary 538-2626 for information or stop by and fill out an application.

Needed, gently used clean household items (no furniture) please.






Builders Club

Ms Jennifer Starkey, President Rachel Bobo and the muscle Nicolas Bobo bring donations for the animals.

Thank you so much for your continued support and great enthusiasm.


Outdoor dog runs






is our Pets of the Month

Your Fired!

If I was president I would have a new home.  But I'M not, so please come visit me.  I will mouse for you as I am an adult male short-haired cool cat.


Cash for Cans

Thank You Everybody!



The Humane Society has been doing very well on our aluminium can recycle project but we can always use more. Bring your cans to the Humane Society any time.
Outdoor dog runs

I f you have old or broken Christmas lights we would greatly appreciate it if you would donate them to us.

Merry Christmas!


  T-shirts are now available


Gran County Humane Society Animal Shelter



Here is the new design on our T-shirts.

Sweat shirts and long or short sleeve T-shirts are available at the Humane Society. The T-shirts run $15.00/$20.00 and the sweatshirts are $20.00.

They come in assorted colors/sizes.

Come pick one up and help support the Humane Society.

Please help remind people to keep identification on their pets so they may find their way home.

Head Start

The students, teachers and family came out and walked the dogs and toured our facility. They made pictures for our walls and interacted with the employees and cats.





Gone but not forgotten
Every Dog Deserves A Warm Bed

Gone but not forgotten "Daisy" the front door dog alarm



Thanks to The Wilderness Kennel Club we already have straw to supply those who would like to insulate their animals outside dwellings.  Please come to The High Desert Humane Society and ask for straw and we will do our best to accomodate.


Gone but not forgotten
Cash (asleep on the filing cabinet)

Many animals pass through the Humane Society and a few remain for the rest of their lives. We pay tribute to those that stayed and enriched our lives.

Key Club

Cobre High Scholl Key Club!

Ally Sedillo, Brooklyn Borde', Alexis Garcia, Whitney Borde', Jeremy Geardea, Kaydence Geardea, Joey, Darla Garcia, BreAnne Springer, Raquel Parga, Megan Brinkman and Richie Abril volunteered their afternoon.  Walking dogs, socializing cats and bathing puppies.  We always appreciate those who wish to help the animals have a great day.






Trent Kasten of the 4-H Club, brings The Humane Society cat food for his "Good Deed of The Day".

A new program for the youth of Silver City to give back to those who can use a helping hand.

Thank  everyone who participates.

Halt a Litter Today



No more than (4) four coupons per 12 month period, per family. All animals must have current rabies shot and city/county liscense as required by law. Participating vetenarians include Advanced Veterinary Care, Arenas Valley Animal Clinic, Gila Animal Clinic, & Town & Country.



Spay/Neuter Assistance Guidelines

Male Cat $35.00 Female Cat $45.00

  1. Male Dog under 20 # $45.00
  2. Male Dog 20# to 50# $50.00
  3. Male Dog over 50# $55.00
  4. Female Dog under 20# $55.00
  5. Female Dog 20# to 50# $60.00
  6. Female Dog over 50# $65.00


Silver Cities Veterinarians

Silver Cities Veterinarians

Silver City has been blessed with great Vetinarians.  Here are a few photos of the doctors volunteering their time at our monthly shot clinic. We thank them all for helping with the animals in our lives and the great work that they do.


Paul Wilmeth and Josh Wilmeth


Clay Allred





Diedre Wilmeth




Kevin Brown







High Desert Humane Society
P.O. Box 1973
Silver City, NM 88062
Telephone: (575) 538-9261 Fax (575) 388-5251
Email: hdhs@gilanet.com

Animal Facility location:
3050 S. Cougar Way
Silver City, NM 88061

Animal viewing starts at 11:00
Facility hours:
Tuesday to Friday 8:30--5:30 and Saturday 8:30--5:00

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